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How to enjoy Hakone

Hakone's journey to enjoy with 5 senses

Hakone makes me feel the view of the four seasons of Hakone every now and then

  • Hakone Tozan Train (Mountain-Climbing Railroad Line)/Hakone Tozan Cable Car/Hakone ropeway

    • The Hakone Hakone Tozan Train (Mountain-Climbing Railroad Line), which is rare in Japan, takes you from Hakone Yumoto, the gateway to Hakone Tozan Train (Mountain-Climbing Railroad Line).

      Hakone Tozan Railway is the only full-fledged mountain railway in Japan was opened in Taisho (1919).
      Various ingenuity has been given so as not to contradict the natural landscape.
      The most unusual way is its mode of operation.
      The mountain of Hakone is a considerable steep slope, so adopting a switchback system with less burden at Hakone Tozan Railway.
      Carefully climb the mountain while bending the slope obliquely zigzag.
    • Hakone Toyama Cable Car

      Gora is a vehicle that appeared in 1995 running 1.2 km from Gora to Souunzan in about 9 minutes.
      It is distinctive that the interior of the car has a staircase shape so that it is easy to move according to the slope.
      On the way you can enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains of Hakone, fresh green in the spring and summer, autumn leaves in autumn, you will be able to enjoy Hakone a more natural state.
      Actually, it was the first car in Japan with a cable car attached.
    • Hakone ropeway with a spectacular view in the aerial walk

      Hakone ropeway connecting about 4 kilometers from Souunzan to Togendai Lake Ashino-ko in about 30 minutes.
      Departing from Sounzan Station, there is an altitude of 700 meters or more at Togendai Station. At Owakudani Station there is a height of 1,044 m above sea level.
      Owakudani, a valley of about 130 m appears from the ground called "Jigokudani" a long ago.
      The view from the top is a magnificent scenery with magnificent scenery that the white smoke rises up to the bottom with a breathtaking scenery.

      You can enjoy pleasure boats, pirate ships, etc. as you arrive at Togendai station at the end of Lake Ashino-ko.
    • Hakone ropeway with a spectacular view in the aerial walk

    • "Owakudani" which is also benefiting in our hotel

      About 3,000 years ago, Kamiyama, the highest mountain in Hakone, caused a steam explosion to form Owakudani.

      It was also called "Jigokudani" in the Edo period and is now a popular tourist spot in Hakone.
    • Speaking of Owakudani"black egg"

      Boiled in the hot spring It seems that the shell becomes black due to the ingredients of the hot spring.
      There is also a legend that eating one eats for 7 years.
  • Hakone power spot

    • Hakone Shrine

      Hakone Shrine has a history of more than 2,000 years and has attracted people's faith as a center of mountain worship in the Kanto region.

      Today, the god of marriage at Kuzuryuu Shrine is popular.

      You can also visit by Kasen Kobune.

    • Hakone Shrine

    • Seven Lucky Gods wishing for the good of the year

      It is a symbol of multi-faith peculiar to Japan, which is said to have spread among the common people since the end of the Muromachi period.

      Morigentera, Daikokuten Hatajuku → Hakone Shrine, Ebisu God (the original Hakone → Kofuku Institute, Hoteison (original Hakone → this Kaetera, god of longevity Hakone Town → Komagata Shrine, Bishamonten Hakone Town → Ajikechi Benzaiten, Benzaiten (Ashinoyu) → Sanno Shrine, Fukurokuzu (Kwantakuya)

      Try to collect stamps on colored paper.
      Colored paper can be purchased at Soroji and Sanno Shrine.(500 yen per sheet)

      Ask them to stamp at 7 shrines.(200 yen each)
    • Hakone Gora Onsen

      Held on August 16th every year.

      Gora festival. "Hakone Gora Summer Festival Uppercase Grilled"

      Mingishigatake with an altitude of 924 meters, fireworks that overcame the fire character of "large" are the scenes.
      Taisho was done as Taisho 10th year sightseeing and comfort of summer heaters, and as a fire in Urayon.
      A capital letter ware that has the meaning of a bonfire that comforts the spirits.
  • Fuji view spot

    • Fuji view spot

      ·Original Hakone
      ·Owakudani (It can also be seen from the ropeway)
      ·Lake Ashino-ko Skyline
      ·Hakone Skyline
      ·Otome Pass, night view is very beautiful ..: A
      ·Although it is not on the map, you can see Mt. Fuji even from Mt Kintoki.

      There is a climbing mouth along the line 138 of Mt Kintoki, and a car park of Kintoki Shrine is recommended for the car.
    • Hakone Yosegi Craft

      Hatajuku Hamamatsu-Ya Hatajuku, you can see a demonstration of Yosegi-Zaiku by Ichiro Ishikawa.

      Ishikawa's Hakone Yosegi Craft of the founder, in Jimbe Ishikawa of descendants, but those who made the Yosegi-Zaiku of the Yamada-ya open-air bath Jimbe-no-Yu
  • Hakone the Hakone Art Museum

    • Lalique Museum

    • Mori Art Museum, Hakone Glass

    • Pola Museum of Art

    • Okada Art Museum

    • Mori Art Museum of sculpture

    • Gora Park