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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an outdoor bath in the guest room? What?

    The hotel does not have an outdoor bath adjacent to the guest room,

    In the place where I left the facility in the form of 1 minute to 2 minContinue reading
  • What kind of room service rental items do you have?

    You can bring your own humidifier, air purifier, CD & DVD player, and some emergency medicine.There is also a charge for cards etc.
    For inteContinue reading
  • Is it possible to accommodate children?

    I'm sorry.Unfortunately, this facility can not be used by children under 12 years old.
    It is an accommodation that only adults can stay.
    ThContinue reading
  • I have an allergy to food ...What?

    Please inform us in advance.I will consider it.
    There are people who are not good at living things, people not good at meat, various people.Continue reading
  • Is barrier-free correspondence · · ·What?

    I'm sorry.
    Unfortunately the hotel has a building on the slopes of the mountains and there is no elevator so it will take the form of a staiContinue reading
  • I am pregnant, is the hot spring OK?What?

    There are no particular problems, but please be careful not to take a bath for a long time.
    Also, as explained elsewhere, this facility doesContinue reading
  • ○○I'd like to make an accommodation reservation by inviting

    First of all, we will arrange the date and we will discuss the details after you have made your reservation.
    With regard to the settlement mContinue reading
  • Are you accepting pets ...What?

    I'm sorry.Please understand that we cannot accept pets.

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